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Ted and Scooter on the thinking rock

Ravalli Republic reporter Perry Backus visited with me for an hour and a half last Thursday. It was a pleasant, amiable conversation. I felt good about him and trusted his integrity to treat my candidacy fairly. I was right.

Towards the end of our chat, Perry suggested I show him “my thinking rock” where he did the clickity-clickity-click-click thing with his full-pro camera. With dozens of photos to choose from, he surely could have caught me looking worse than average. But the photo he published is very nice.

The article he wrote, published in over half a dozen syndicated newspapers in Montana, also treats me kindly and respectfully. I really appreciate that … and respect Perry for it.

He waded through pages of notes to craft an article that encapsulated some of who I am and why I am in the race for Montana governor. I could quibble over items here and there, but the drift of the article was fine by me.

He must have doubted the numbers he recorded in his steno book because they do seem a bit high by rural Montana standards, but in the Ada County Idaho sheriff race, I actually drew almost 42,000, that is forty two THOUSAND votes rather than the 4,200 he reported.

Other details in his essay were off a bit less here and there, but again, I truly appreciate the overall respectful tone Perry struck throughout.

To see the Ravalli Republic article, go here:

Libertarian governor candidate hails from Conner