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intermittent fasting – getting ready for swimsuit season

I have written about fasting and published here, at Bitterroot Bugle, and Idaho Liberty. There are many forms a fast can take with “intermittent fasting” likely the most popular. The easiest of those is skipping one of our three standard meals of each day. I began leaving lunches off the table several years ago. That was rather convenient and helped my waistline a lot.

I am now older and slower. I don’t even burn off two good meals a day any more. Last summer the kitchen help took a nine day vacation to visit her family. I minded the homestead and took the opportunity to do a full water-only fast. That is nine days between meals. It was very successful in weight reduction and gave me an experience with the body’s natural system of detoxification.

Now eight months since that experience I have increased my insulation layer uncomfortably close to the weight I was carrying in July. It is time for another change in habits. A month ago I removed breakfast and lunch from my daily routine. I spend a significant part of every day with that feeling we call “I’m hungry”. It really has not hurt me any.

My paunch is a bit slighter and tighter. The bathroom scale indicates about seven pounds less than it did early in March. Using that measure, progress is slower than I would prefer, but steady and in the right direction.

Losing 0.22 pounds per day I am on track to be ready for swimsuit season.

In Montana that is the first two weeks of August.