Ted’s essays


This is going to be interesting. Today’s incoming mail contained a summons to jury duty for the Idaho state coordinator of the Fully Informed Jury Association.

I have never served on a jury. Oh, I’ve been called in. I have sat in jury rooms and court rooms for days. I have approached baliffs with explanations of why, or actually attempted to explain why I should be ALLOWED to go back to work as there is NO WAY they will let me serve on this one or that for this reason or the other.

But NO, I have to sit quietly and watch the most painful show on earth as three law school graduates test the patience and willingness of the cattle to chew their cuds while the most inane questioning possibly drempt up by man is drooled out of their mouths for hours, hours and hours upon days and days on end. How many years of law school does it take before they master asking the stupidest questions imaginable with straight faces???

We all know they won’t allow me in a jury room. Heck, they won’t allow me to speak in a courtroom as I could spoil the entire jury pool. I understand the reason we have the right to a jury trial. THAT information simply cannot be allowed in a court of law.

If THAT were to happen, gosh everything could crumble. We could end up with a free country … and who knows what might happen to the ruling elite when their criminality and moral decripitude is recognized?

I will, of course, keep you posted. I will be quite surprised if THEY don’t do a simple web search on my name, find my five websites and listing as the FIJA Idaho State coordinator, my runs for governor, sheriff, etc. and put in a quiet word for the baliff to gag me and hustle me far, far away before I poison the pool with the ability to think for themselves.