Ted’s essays

in recovery


We spent the last month cleaning up after renters squatters.

We have chosen to move from our lovely cabin on the river to the expansive homestead they vacated.

We are coming down home stretch on that phase. Though a lot of stuff still needs to be cleared out, there is starting to be room for our household.

We have construction contractors well along in some changes to better suit the homestead to us. It is still a construction zone, and will be for a while.

Yet moving in there and out of here has begun with trickles. Yesterday I got the phone moved and Internet up… a smokin’-fast, unlimited-data cable connection after years of metered, intermittently-good, satellite.

Meanwhile, my websites were hacked, infected, disrupted. Ugh.

An Internet contractor offered to fix and protect them for well over $100 per month. NO thank you.

I am working through other methods. Hopefully I can get the job done.

Maybe I did. The websites seem more responsive this morning. They have been so awful I could hardly get anything posted here, with the simplest half-hour posts taking several hours to put up.

I had worked at having fresh content in an interesting, informative and responsive website for you. I suspect our relationship took a hit over the last couple of weeks.

Hopefully I will resume holding up my part of the bargain.