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impossibly fast

Everyone knows that semi-auto handguns are faster than revolvers and that revolvers requiring you to cock the hammer prior to firing (single-action) are slower than those where a single pull of the trigger both cocks AND fires each round. But we all know wrong.

Keep in mind that this particular demonstration and shooting sport does not involve anywhere near to full-power defensive loads in the ammo. Recoil would change everything here. Thus, not fair to compare with people shooting the “practical pistol” sport which is itself tailored for other unrealistic results.

Caveats aside, the demonstration on this video is dazzling. The first time you see him draw, fire and re-holster his single-action full-sized revolver, you don’t know if you saw what you think you may have seen. Fortunately the video goes through it multiple times in different ways, finally showing a couple of slow-motion versions… all dang incredible.

fast draw