Ted’s essays

I’m baaack

Moving my home and office is taking its toll on my postings here.

Today my computer in the new studio finally knows how to log on to my website …
one of only 20 billion items on my ToDo list.


The geoengineers got caught with visual chemtrails in the hurricane as it approached Texas and ample evidence of HAARP directing hurricanes in the Atlantic.

Online videos keep improving their coverage of the media production that was the car crashing into the crowd near the protest event.

Extraordinary wild fire activity globally warms western USofA and other countries around the world spuming record levels of toxic pollutants into our air.

A bunch of ignorant people unemployed by deliberate economic and political policies of their ruling elite have been hired by the very same hyper-wealthy to protest, riot and destroy.

The military-industrial complex is killing and destroying around the world with hopes to expand on their successes.

Oh, but The First Lady wore funny clothes