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Idaho Tech Repair

I love my small town. I came from Office Depot where the wireless repair option for the Lenovo laptop I bought there was to purchase a $40 or $70 usb plug-in wireless. I only have four usb ports in this laptop and they are all spoken for. Not a desirable choice.

They suggested a repair facility on the far side of Boise, but I knew I had one right close to home in Kuna. So I headed home.

Idaho Tech Repair has a standard 6-hour diagnostic program that will analyze the hardware for $25. Well, I can’t have my fans waiting over the weekend for my next precious post, can I? I’ll just have to bring it in some morning so I can have it back the same day.

However, as I talked with Dr. John (John McGrew the technician), he and I decided I might have already eliminated every likely alternative other than the wireless card itself.

Now is where the love comes in…

First he described where to go, how to get there and what to do when I arrived. Then he just popped the back off of my computer, showed me the card, removed it and told me how to order a replacement myself. Dang fine of him, I’ll say.

That’s the kind of business that succeeds. It thrives because those who go there WANT IT TO thrive.

You need computer help. Stay home. It’s right here in Kuna.

Idaho Tech Repair
333 Avenue C, Kuna

On Main directly across from the park, under the noontime shade of the water tower – in the winter, that is.


Office hours M-F 10:00-6:00