Ted’s essays

I lost a friend

I happened to be listening on the scanner Jeff programmed for me in exchange for some stuff I did for him. An emergency evolved starting with “a man fell, hit his head, is not breathing, CPR is ongoing”. I realized I knew the location well, the man, and the other people directly involved.

I made a phone call to a mutual friend who would be in a better position to take useful action, find more information, or actually execute a worthy response. I listened as the situation transitioned through several steps to “coroner called”, and knew I had just lost a friend.

I don’t know if the information sequence was good for me or not, but it did hit me more gradually than an abrupt informational message over the phone. The one certainty is the empty spot I am feeling right now.

There was no larger character in The Bitterroot two-way radio community. That is how Jeff made his living for over thirty years, serving commercial, government and private communications needs. His departure leaves a big hole.

But I lost a friend… first and foremost.
I don’t get to see Jeff again.
I don’t get to talk with Jeff again.
Jeff is gone.
His spirit decided to move on.

I would say Rest In Peace, but I am hoping for him the next phase is more exciting than that.