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I beat the zero-car-garage plague

There is a peculiar disease running rampant in the USofA. A huge percentage of the two-car garages in this country are so stuffed full of … uh, belongings … that the cars park outside. Hundreds of thousands of HoneyDo lists have “clean up the garage” on them. Of course one answer is the ubiquitous Storage Unit. There are probably one of those for every fifty people in every town from coast to coast.

Exceptional people actually park two cars in their two car garage.

A couple weeks prior to my first year anniversary of living in the new homestead, I achieved that level of exceptionalism.

It feels GREAT!


That actually came to fruition Sunday. Today I imagined, engineered, fabricated and put the first coat of Verathine on my future reloading bench in that recently rehabilited garage. As is my habit, it is STRONG. I will not be plagued with a flexi-flyer bench that whines every time I pull the lever on my reloading press.

Here is the view as it stands today.