Ted’s essays

How old do you expect to be when you stop learning?

teachingPut another way, when will you know as much as you are ever going to know?

Are you smarter than average? Smarter than 90% of the rest? 99%?

Is your generation significantly superior to the prior one?

Did something amazing happen to 2,000-year-old genetics in the last 30 years?

The obvious answer is that wisdom and knowledge can grow with age. The Elders are potentially a great resource and repository of lessons learned by generations, or centuries of human existence.
I use the word “can” because the masses choose to not expand their knowledge. Mass media is owned by 6 corporations. Six CEOs agree on theme, content and objective. 99% of the information presented follows their guidance.

The USofA education system is also centralized and directed. Key fields of politics, economics and culture come from the same theme-makers as the media. It is this continuim of standardization in thought and action that dominates mainstream culture.

Back to the word “can”. People who choose to study, learn and experience outside the box are the ones carrying the culture and knowledge of the ages. YodaMinority opinion IS the diversity of human existence.

Innovation has been the hallmark of cultural evolution. In our mass-media era, it is also the repository of historical variety. It is where the herbal, natural, unprocessed food, health and healing will be found. It is also where non-statist political models reside.

Interestingly, once a person starts treading off the beaten path, fresh vistas open up in all directions. hillary of oz A mind thus opened cannot be put back in the box. Once the manipulators and their manipulations have been seen from behind the curtain, there is no returning to accepting the view they present on other side.

Recognizing repositories of real knowledge is the first step in resuming the learning that came so natural to all before training and group-think took over.

I have not yet stopped learning. How about you?