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how I spent my vacation

In no particular order, but that in which the photos uploaded…

Spring motorcycling weather arrived very early in the Bitterroot this year. I am not counting on winter being truly done with us, but am grabbing these delightful riding days as they come my way.

On the left is nearby Lake Como completely covered in ice, though the snow on the ground has all melted.

On the right is a stop atop “Almosta Road” which is dirt/gravel all the way, graced with almost no traffic whatsoever and pleasant scenery.

No photos, but much of my time is spent on what I call “estate management”. That can include plowing snow, fabricating shelves, welding, woodworking, communing with my shop tools, managing the wood heat supply and, of course, chicken ranching.

My current chicken flock has no broody girls, so this group is not replenishing itself. That cornered me into setting up a nursery and buying some fresh pullet chicks.

Last winter the old girls gave us zero-to-one egg a day. We actually had to BUY EGGS! I am fixing that – in part because nothing about our food supply can be counted on in the future. I selected 2 Buff Orpington for their confident, easy going personalities, 2 Americaunas for the blue/green eggs, 2 white Leghorns who lay darn near 1-a-day white eggs, even in the winter, plus the only black Leghorn with pretty much the same skittish personality as well as the awesome production rate.

Remaining on the subject of growing food, I bought a second germination heating mat and got a bunch of plants started for the real spring, and for my greenhouse. I am growing the hardy, quick, proven stuff, but as I like to do, starting some melons, tomatoes and peppers that may or may not make it. When they do, they are wonderful. If they don’t … oh well, it didn’t cost much to try.

As I mentioned in a prior post, we have converted to a Keto diet for the healing benefits it brings, which is similar to a fast, but minus the deprivation.

Note the photo to the left of my dinner plate from a couple days ago. Stir-fried locally-grown organic chicken on a bed of mixed greens with bleu cheese crumbles and Italian dressing is definitely easier than fasting, trust me.

The final photo is one I took for a Motorcycle Forum ‘treasure hunt’ game that I enjoy participating in. The challenge was for a photograph of “Your bike in an orchard”.

My friend down the road has a semi-dwarf orchard with quite a variety – all protected from the deer he welcomes into his yard daily. It was easy-peasy for me to pop down the road 1/2 mile, snap the shot, visit with him a bit and load the winning photo onto the forum.

There is A LOT happening in the bigger world. Covering my eyes and ears doesn’t hide it from my head. I will probably resume sharing what I see over at my socio-political site, Bitterroot Bugle.