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Hotel California

turmoil croppedIn the 90s, I knew something was wrong, but it took me to the end of the decade to recognize that I fit a culture that was not in California. THE STATE was at war with me, and the majority of the voters therein were just fine with that.

I voted with my feet. I moved to Idaho.
Ahhhh … Much improved.
I finally speak the native language.

A dozen years later we were able to go one step better.river at low tide

We aren’t the only ones who find the upper Bitterroot to be magical. There are so many good, aware, balanced, considerate people here. We keep meeting more; making great new friends. This is what a community of humans is supposed to be like. Plus, nature is so very much a part of this world.

Unfortunately, I did have to leave friends and family behind
(they forgot to put me in charge of their lives.) 😉

It would suit me perfectly well to just stay right here in the Bitterroot for the rest of my days…
but FAMILY isn’t an old coat or pair of shoes you can wear out and discard. While my resistance is strong, I do have to go back from time to time … and one of those times is coming at me.


The funny thing is, they think of their community as enlightened, progressive and evolutionarily superior. Actually, they don’t even think of “community” at all. They inhabit cities and neighborhoods along with a lot of other people who, collectively are smarter, wiser, more advanced, better educated and understand the world more completely than pretty-much anywhere on the planet.

They have no idea who the Feral Reserve is or what they have done… no hint that the Made-In-USA war machine is arming both sides of every conflict on the planet… clueless regarding the actual science of climatology… and worst of all, they insist on insuring that bullies, thugs and violent people have the upper hand when they attack. This is like some sick CAL-OSHA joke protecting criminals’ work environments.colt single action

– God created man but Sam Colt made them equal –

So these rocket scientists allow their rulers to disarm them (for their protection, mind you). Somehow, in their pretty little heads, this is progressive. Their answer to bullies is Sensitivity Training in their government schools… clueless that bullies understand One Thing: FORCE. The bigger the bullies, the greater the defensive force must be.

The Progressives have eliminated most modern firearms from being sold in California; confiscated and banned many. The assault on firearms continues unabated with allowable arms and ammo a constantly shrinking list. Manufacturers, wholesalers and dealers have abandoned the California firearm market altogether. Their anti-gun legislative juggernaut results in defensive arms backwardation with the most modern arms banned long ago and each new ban removing allowable features from most sophisticated and effective on back until single shot black-powder rifles are their final frontier.

While the main objective of the schemers is a defenseless, compliant serf class, the also-desirable secondary effect is a culture living in fear of random violence, clamoring for protection and accepting random violence from their protectors as a side-effect.?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

They are well on their way. California ranks among the top for violent crimes. While most of us know this as a no-brainer, the state of Kum Ba Yah somehow finds self-defense more violent that peacefully allowing yourself to be beat to death. Their final thoughts are something along the line of “Those big, brutal, violent guys are so … big … brutal … and violent…”

I hate bullies. I grew up with a couple of them, both bigger and older. I can hardly stand to see anyone bullied. More than that, I am compelled to see bullies LOSE, if at all possible. I go well out of my way to contribute to their losses. My powerful, hyper-refined *BULLY*DETECTOR* goes off and, well, I go off.

When I left Sonoma County, California, they went from 11 to 10 concealed carry permit holders out of a population around 450,000. Sporting goods and gun shop workers all KNEW you could not get a permit. I didn’t believe them. I was correct.

My worst case scenario: Bully chooses to visit violence upon me. I have no effective means of self-defense. My final thoughts are not only that I’m losing my life, He is winning. For him it is just another attack; one more in a string that will only end when ultimate violence is finally visited upon him.

With the drunken array of anti-self-defense laws on their books, California is a dangerous minefield for free people to visit carrying any means of protection.

So here I am, a senior citizen, with no defensive training outside of firearm skills, defenselessly heading for a state with heightened violent crime rates.

My family has no clue what this takes.