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hand-feeding-scooterOur new family member is a rescue Beagle X Yellow Lab. A real sweetheart who is rapidly getting over the worst parts of some scary stuff in her past. We know from experience that she will be a long time recovering altogether, or mostly. But she’s coming right along.

Hugely affectionate, loves petting, enjoys indoor fetching and is eager to go walking on leash every chance she gets. We are strongly suspicious that her Beagle side would have her disappear over the horizon in a blink, given the slightest opportunity. So she doesn’t get one.

She eats one cup of kibble at 0800 and another at 1800. “Eat” is a polite word for her consumption.

We realized changing her name from “Skittles” to “Scooter” may have missed the mark after watching her eat. “Hoover”, “Kirby” or “Shop-Vac” would be more accurate.

Gone in seconds!

“More? Where’s the rest?”

Oy – how many chunky or fat Beagles or Labs have you seen? She certainly would love to go there. And this wolfing down the food … wow. Gotta put the brakes on that.

So Missy took to feeding her one and two pieces of kibble at a time – by hand.

That worked. Tedious, but effective.

I’ll show you the new, improved plan here in the next day or two…
as soon as Missy uploads to Free Missy.com the pictures we took this morning.