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home-made motorcycle cover

quick trip to the bank ... via the lakeAt the beginning of the month I got an offer I couldn’t refuse on a BMW motorcycle. It was a brand and style I’ve been dreaming about for lots of years, but at a price I’ve never seen the likes of.

I thought I could widen the entrance and reorganize our ‘sally port’ to park it under a cover. That didn’t work out.

beemer cover 8x8Plan B was an all weather motorcycle cover.

I didn’t really want to spend the bucks … well, at least not right away.

So I bought the better quality tarp offered by our local hardware and building-supply store.

I tied it on with bailing twine, figuring that would get me by for months.
beemer cover 8x6
That became tedious getting on and off, so I tied the ends together and just draped it over the bike.

That, too, was tedious with the twine always catching on motorcycle parts coming and going.

Enter … * Duct Tape *

I don’t think I would like a $100 cover any better.

Seems my homegrown is likely to replace the factory job.