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Helloooo Bitterroot Blasters

Bitterroot Blasters shooter readyI have not shot practical pistol since a while before I moved from Idaho. Today I tried out the Hamilton, Montana practical pistol club … aka The Bitterroot Blasters.

Oh Yeah!

Just like everything else Montana, these people are very welcoming, friendly and fun to be around.


Bitterroot Blasters prepare


repeat as desired until all targets are either perforated or have fallen down.




As I mentioned, it has been years since I last did this. My speed and accuracy Bitterroot Blasters qualifierwere down. These skills are very susceptible to degradation without use.

This course of fire to the right was “the classifier”. That is an international standard setup laid out precisely to be repeatable anywhere on Earth.

Loaded pistol on table. At the tone, pick it up and put two shots into each brown target. Hit no white targets. Miss not at all. Shoot NO extra shots. Do this twice.

Fast guys were hitting “NO SHOOTS” (Minus 10 points each), Bitterroot Blasters blazingShooting extra shots (minus 10 points each), and missing the targets (minus 10 points each).

I got the message to go R..E..A..L…..S..L..O..W.

I was the slowest shooter in the “Limited” class.

I finished #11 out of 33.

I missed none. I hit no “hostages”. I shot no extra shots.

Gold Star for Ted.

That was far and away my best finish. Nevertheless, I had fun across the course and gained familiarity with my handgun. Those were the points. Along with enjoying great company and making new acquaintances.

Overall, I finished 24th out of 33 in the limited class. Not quite my old standard of “the top of the bottom 3rd”. But give me another month or two, and I think I will resume my old position.

Oh yeah …
111 A-zone hits
3 B-zone hits
23 C-zone hits
2 D-zone hits
And the very BIG ONE that was constantly hanging over me: I did not DQ (disqualify myself by doing something stupid and dangerous).

I will be back.