Ted’s essays

hanging out with young chicks

I had a heckuva fight going on for several days with a hen who set her mind on raising a brood of chicks.

NO. I have enough for now. No more this year.

YES. It is my turn.

I took to wearing my heavy leather gauntlet arc welding gloves to remove her from the nest. She graduated from pecking my hands and arms to flying at my face. I figured she would give up eventually.

Then I thunk again.
What is the problem?
Don’t have enough eggs? No.
Got some problem with free chicken dinner? No.
Can’t give away excess birds? No.
So I let her set on them.

This afternoon was the coming out party for momma and 3 chicks. I went to clean the nest up and found 2 unhatched eggs (expected) and a chick that had not bailed out of the nest with the rest. I captured it and delivered to its new family in the yard.

The four chicks and momma are cruising the yard together now. They were kind-of hanging out with the flock of 9 spring chickens who grew up and just began laying a couple days ago.