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Ham Jam and String Fest

ham jam flyer

The Bitterroot Amateur Radio Club (BARC) and its members operate several radio repeaters in the Bitterroot. These enable people with walkie-talkies, mobile and home radios to accomplish two-way communication over a wide area from Darby to Missoula and beyond.

While the club members have the ability and willingness to expand the repeater network, they are expensive to set up, costing significantly over $1,000 each for reliable off-grid mountain-top units that can do the job.

This Ham Jam and String Fest is an attempt to attract donations that might extend the network of repeaters through Conner, up the West Fork and up to Lost Trail Pass. If successful enough, this network could reach Salmon and from there much of Idaho.

As a first of its kind, we have no idea how well it will work, but are hopeful. At the very least, we will have fun.

See you there.

Here is a .pdf version of the flyer. Please print it out and share.

ham jam flyer

P.S. There are tables for rent still available
… first come, first serve
… call me to reserve yours.