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hair care

Via age and personality, I have approached caring for my hair a wide variety of ways. Some will be surprised that I was normal once upon a time. My hair looked like every other guy’s hair and the products in my shower were the same stuff that everybody in the country had in theirs.

Once in a while circumstances would put extended periods of time between barber visits, both professional and volunteers. I was rather indifferent to that. The stuff grew. It was cut or not cut. I dealt with it either way. I have written and published several articles on why Nature tries to grow long hair on our heads and why we should respect that. I won’t belabor that point here. See hair magic, hair, Is Long Hair Making Us More Intuitive?, and others.

The hair on my face, particularly my neck hated being scraped; blossoming with a rash of ingrown hairs those periods when I did shave regularly, worse if I gave myself real close shaves.. It is strong incentive for me to eschew that barberic practice.

Returning to the hair washing subject, I gravitated towards milder shampoos as my head seemed unhappy with the harsher products. I tried a large variety supposedly tailored for dry, itchy scalps, strong to mild dandruff shampoos, then finally had better results using a diluted baking soda wash and vinegar rinse.

I further improved my head with light additions of moisturizing oils. Then I quit the baking soda step without noticing a difference. It then dawned on me that skipping the vinegar step would leave some of my natural oils there making additional, replacement oils superfluous or optional.

So that’s it nowadays. I wash my body with soap and rinse the hairy topnotch with plain water, adding a blend of oils when the scalp or hairs thereupon feel dry.

For some real fanatics on caring for a head of hair, visit The Longhairs:
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Think about the fond memory some women have of Mommy brushing their long locks (unless Mommy was in a bad mood). There are some things we simply don’t understand about the hair on our heads.