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growing without pests Day 1

growing-without-pests-coverWe had a wonderful class. I didn’t know how it would work, if I had enough new information for those attending, and so on. It was the first time I’d used presentation software with a cable to a big screen monitor. I was nervous.

It went great. There is a warm dozen-plus gardeners, knowledgeable and open to new information. They are embracing what I call The Bob Cannard method of growing – but what is in reality my evolution of it.

Some of the 15 who signed up for the class have conflicts with one or more of the four weekly sessions. They are asking for written materials. That’s a bit tricky as I mostly improvise from my notes and slides. I’ll do what I can.

For now, below is the .pdf file from the slides I used yesterday.

growing without pests day 1