Ted’s essays


broken windowYears ago my wife went pheasant hunting with her Mercedes 300D sedan.

She left the dead pheasant on the side of the road.

I had to replace the grill.

A few years later she went duck hunting with my GMC pickup.

A co-worker removed the duck from the grill.
It popped back into place.
They discarded the dead duck.

Yesterday my wife went grouse hunting with our manufactured home.

A neighbor took the dead grouse to a taxidermy shop.

At least we are beginning to make some use of her bird hunting kills.

I think we need to get her some lessons in using her shotgun.

A much better tool in so many ways.

… An alternate version of the story …broken window lower

Missy was sitting in a chair with the back of her head about a foot from the window when the grouse blasted the outer pane into shards… very loud and quite dramatically.

Double pane windows are handy for more than keeping the cold out.

Now she wants to stock up on plywood for window coverings.