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governor race 2006

I ran for governor in 2006. The debates that Idaho public TV and the League of Women Voters put on were first class. The two candidates who qualified and chose to debate on Idaho-wide live television put on a show that the studio crew LOVED.

Being in front of live state-wide TV cameras was definitely intense. Public speaking is challenging for even experienced veterans and I certainly am not that. Nevertheless, my ideas and principles came through. I think they are relevant still today to who I am and what I stand for.

See the debates here.

While others tell you, “Nobody could have predicted the economic downturn”, you can see in this Idaho state-wide television broadcast that Ted Dunlap is among those who not only could, but did predict it, and knew what steps to take then to minimize the damage. Kuna’s incumbent City Council and mayor did EXACTLY the wrong things.

The “economic downturn” is not done with us yet. Kuna will pay a severe penalty for making the wrong decisions about who to have steering city government for the next four years. Study up. Get it right. It is real darn important to you, and us.