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good news, bad news

I’m catching up on important stuff. This one has been in my head for days, since Biden began jabbering about executive orders confiscating some of the most effective defensive weapons the people have left. I posted this one all but one of my sites. It belonged.

Good news – Bad news

The good news is our enemy thinks they cannot win.
The bad news is they are about to declare war on you.

You can tell by the frantic nature of their efforts to take away our semi-automatic rifles that everything else is in place. Their false flag events are getting sloppier and more frequent, but the people are not quite as stupid as they hoped. Congress still doesn’t have the votes to ban the best tool we the people have against fascist takeover. Now via Vice President Biden, they are openly testing the waters to see if we will accept an executive order confiscating semi-auto rifles.

Make no mistake, THAT will be their declaration of war.

Since the authorizing act of 1913 gave them control of the US dollar, they absorbed 97% of all the money in the economy. With that money, they bought the military industrial complex, bought the media, bought control of the public education system, bought the energy providers, dominated agriculture, reduced national politics to two political parties and bought control of them.

“It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” – Henry Ford

Look back at the paragraphs above. The majority of the wealth in the USA (and the world) is stolen goods. Nearly all of the extremely wealthy are co-conspirators in the grandest of thefts ever perpetrated on Earth. The main requirements for entry into their club are immorality, ruthlessness and the ability to convincingly tell lies of any size. Know your enemies. They hope to watch the show from a safe vantage point while enlightened peasants and ignorant guards fight it out.

Our enemies are not sure of their victory at this time. They must greatly reduce the number of semi-auto weapons available to those who would defend life, liberty and property. Their analysis and conclusions have lead them to see the well-armed people as pivotal.

Trust them on this. Not their words of course, but their actions.

Our greatest tools are information, courage, guns and teamwork.

They have been attempting to take those away from us for decades. We have not yet allowed it. We must never allow it.

We cannot be sure of where their Lexington will be, but we must behave as the colonists did there on April 19th, 1775. When they declare war on us, we must be ready, willing and able to fight for our lives, because THAT is what is at stake.

The Internet and amateur radio must remain ours. Give them their mainstream media. Let them watch it alone. They own far and away the finest disinformation system imaginable. Let them waste their efforts deluding themselves and those who dumbly line up for the slaughter.

We cannot accept or allow any more gun registration, restriction or confiscation.

We need to meet our neighbors, our community, and work with local activists. We will win at the state and local level first. From there we will starve and kill the beast.

When they come for any of our tools, declare our superiority over the government of the people, created by the states with powers clearly defined and limited by The Constitution of these united states.

Our governor needs reeducation or removal. When the time comes, we must make him choose.

Our sheriffs need reeducation or removal. When the time comes, we must make them choose.

We need to recognize that what is at stake are our very lives, those of our children, grandchildren and beyond. We must fight much harder than we would for our own lives, we must fight for every one of our descendants.

That, my friends, is our greatest advantage.

Our enemies are the cowardly bullies fighting for playground superiority. They are spiritually hollow. They fight via proxy with no personal risk, no courage and no moral underpinnings. They assume we are stupid. That, I think, will be their fatal assumption.