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GOES 17 – understanding the satellite’s viewpoint

This view of the Earth is so informative that I keep it programmed in Firefox as my Home Page. Unless I’m rushing off somewhere specific, I get this image of our area from a cosmic perch every time I fire up my Internet browser.

In my video below I go over some of the finer points of what can be learned by looking down at our segment of Earth from The Heavens. Obviously we can see moisture and major storm activity, but thoughtful study reveals so much more.

For decades they denied this activity. Recently the geoengineers discontinued their denials and began bragging about it. What they admit to or brag about has little impact on those who choose to pay attention.

My video is a quick, minute primer in reading the images we can see if we want to. Deciding to be aware is a personal decision. IF you so choose, this link delivers great insight to the global weather engineering show.

You can see from the complexity of the link why I don’t try to describe it in my video. If you have spent any time here, you know I don’t put bad links up. As convoluted as the one below looks, it merely takes you to the Colorado University publication of the GOES-17 satellite (aka: my home page).