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global warming on the Bitterroot

Two weeks prior to the winter solstice . . .

the date that traditionally marks the beginning of winter.

Bitterroot icing up 8xHere we enjoy observing as the East Fork of the Bitterroot River ices up and freezes over.

After a week with the temperature swinging from ten to ten, that is minus to plus, we are getting close to being able to walk on water.

Don’t worry, I’m not heading out onto thin ice here – Been There, Done That … some ignorant USAF GIs and local girls had no idea how dangerous our playing on that frozen Utah pond was.

Sadly, my cheap old digital camera doesn’t capture the colors well.

The aquamarine blue-green of the river as it runs across the ice says “cold water” like nothing much else can, but I think you can get the essence of it from the snapshot above.
cozy cabin
By the way, Missy and I still can hardly believe our good fortune to be able to live with this being the view out our front window. Our cozy little cabin is as warm as we could wish, and fits us very well indeed.

The little gas log fireplace keeps us moderately warm just simmering away on its lowest setting. The relatively powerful electric central heater transforms it from cold to warm in fifteen or twenty minutes.

My conversion to a programmable thermostat automates the evening shut down, morning warm up, and late afternoon welcome home heat to fit our normal patterns. A couple of pokes on the up or down arrows customize to suit the moment.