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freedom isn’t free

The Republican incumbent sheriff is sitting on a $2,000 residual from his uncontested election four years ago. The challenger is not. Brochures, handouts, signs, advertisements and more will cost money.

The incumbent sees no problem subordinating the Sheriff’s Office to state and federal agents and agencies who walk right on through the limits put on them by the Constitution. The challenger insists THAT is the only defense our liberties have.

The incumbent wants to increase your spending to build another jail. The one he is operating is FULL. Having the highest incarceration rate in the world raises no flags for him. The challenger will empanel a review to empty some jail bunks and send non-threatening people back to their jobs and their families.

The list goes on .. and is huge. Learn the differences between the two candidates.

Then help get the information out. Informed electorate is our best tool. It is the only tool that will deliver liberty to Ada County.


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Send checks to:
Ted Dunlap for Sheriff
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Contact me at: Sheriff@TedDunlap.net to offer help, to sign up for our mailing list, or for other ways you can help.

We need buttons, brochures, stickers, signs and more …
Idaho Liberty cannot afford to be lost for lack of publicity.
With full information, the decision is easy, but getting the information to the potential voters HAS TO HAPPEN.

Donations to “Ted Dunlap for Sheriff” are very important now.