Ted’s essays

Free VS Easy

I struggle to be comfortable around people choosing the easy road over liberty. I understand that they do not see it that way, but I cannot avoid it. The truth is so easily and readily available on The World Wide Web that ignorance is a very real choice.

Also impossible to ignore is that the people who dedicate their entire beings to achieving power are neither bright nor kind. By choosing the Easy Way, people put themselves, their families, their communities and their offspring under control of EVIL.

Give me liberty, or give me death! – Patrick Henry

For me and people like me the choice is clear and simple. The alternative is ugly. The stimulating contest of using wit and wisdom is unquestionably more fun and interesting than sitting on a sofa operating a television remote to surf between propaganda outlets.

I made the above video “Being at peace with those who choose to drink the Kool-Aid” to explain my work towards acceptance and tolerance of those choosing the path of least resistance.

On the other hand, The Great Reset, the big UGLY, The Darkest Winter or however you want to label The New World Order we are entering will have three major groups. The one led by the evil schemers has hundreds of years planning and preparation behind it. The other primary actors have centuries of resisting evil in our DNA. The third group is the great middle choosing to ride with the tide.

Sometime in the very near future THEY will pull the trigger on the confluence of disasters they have set up to challenge us. Immediately after that we will have the herd stampeding off the cliff while those who saw it coming will be resisting with their whole beings.

My interpersonal, cultural, community struggles come to a head there and then. It will be incredibly sad to watch people I know, love and cherish end their mortal, sentient existence in particularly ugly ways.

Even more importantly than avoiding that emotional depression will be to have solid relationships, experience and teamwork with those who will be dedicated to resistance.

Given that there is a finite amount of time in our lives to cultivate relationships, it is obviously wiser to work strengthening, expanding, improving those among fellow independent thinking stalwarts.