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flesh and bone VS titanium

In my June 9th post Do-It-Yourself Knee Replacement, I discussed my aversion to turning a surgeon loose on my knees and how my use of naturally-produced dietary supplements had put my “need” for knee replacement off over a dozen years past the AMA wizard’s prediction.

Recent events both reinforce and refute my stance.

One of the guys about my age at our recent family reunion had both knees replaced with titanium contraptions and “loves them”… “No pain”… He plays LOTS of golf… “Gets around great”…

Three of us older gents teamed up to remove from the shipping box and assemble a new barbecue/smoker. I watched the bionic man get down and up to assemble bits from the floor. I also note how he moves as we walked around town, at the lake and in our yard. Oh my. I appear to be downright athletic compared to that. While he notes that deep knee moves are awkward and stride is a bit ungainly, at least there is no pain.

Almost a month ago, I was making similar claims for my “as issued” knees in conjunction with my supplement regimen. Then I spent several weeks overworking the old machine. These high mileage units have to be treated with care. I did a lot more construction than a prudent old guy should. My knees, wrists, and hands are punishing me for that indiscretion.

I deployed my LIGHT DUTY CHIT for the last ten days. That is an enhanced version of The Old Man Card that I often play when heavy lifting, lots of elevation changes or miles of movement are involved. I am healing … slower than I would prefer, but far better than the cut’n’paste surgeons comprehend.

Is there a RIGHT ANSWER?

I am happy with mine. He is happy with his. Different answers. Both right for their owners.