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firewood factory

firewood factoryMy tool set for processing firewood.

Missing from the photo are my chainsaw and its manual counterpart, the crosscut saw.

I’ll have to update the photo later.

From right to left … (isn’t that how we all process?)

hatchet (old friend) probably a pound and a quarter head, for kindling splintering and light-duty splitting.

hand splitting maul, 3 1/2 pound head, for light-to-medium splitting taking standard split wood to small stove size.

small axe for light-to-medium trimming, limbing and splitting.

axe, another old friend, to trim, limb, cut, chop and split.

double-bit axe, a good, old one, new to me for extended cutting.

splitting maul, a real one for turning Montana evergreen rounds into standard split firewood.

wedge pair and sledgehammer are the ticket for hardwood splitting like what I dealt with heating in Northern California. Oak rounds, other than small ones, do not pop open with a splitting maul. A pair of wedges driven through with full overhand swings of a sledgehammer are what they need. The reward is hot-burning, long-lasting heat out of each split log.