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Pre-Script: Yes. I think I’m back. More on that in a later post. – Ted

I began another fast after dinner Friday. This evening that will make 2 days, or 48 hours since my last meal. You might be asking similar questions as my tummy is at this point.

Did your throat get cut?

Do we have to go through this AGAIN?

Are the grocery stores empty already?

Did you spend all your shopping money on web hosting?

It is none of those. As you may have seen here previously, I studied, then experienced my first fast in 2017. Not that I planned it that way, but it has worked out to be something I have been inspired to do nearly every year thereafter. See: https://www.teddunlap.net/?s=fast

It started with a suggestion to watch The Science of Fasting, an outstanding, valuable video now available on Amazon. As I mentioned in my previous posts, it is a SuperPower healing tool, one that I need right now.

I know I am a tiny, I mean really tiny fringe element, but my healing superpower hearkens way back to when John D Rockefeller used the Feral Reserve power to print unlimited money to crush all but chemical-based medicine. Alternatives have staggered, crept and inched back into our lexicon, but not in amounts to threaten the near-monopoly he built. I am among that fraction of 1% who embrace fasting for its healing potential. I don’t even personally know anyone else who has tried it.

The Rockefeller-school practitioners are typically better than average performers in their first 12 years of government indoctrination where obey, repeat, recite, and “trust the experts” are drilled into them. Their next 8 years in schools and 2-4 additional of internship is primarily more of the same until they get a frame-able certificate anointing them as one of those who must be believed and trusted.

Did they study nutrition, diet, food sources or the effects of GMOs? Nope. Not part of the program. As if those make no difference to our individual biologies. How about herbalism, acupuncture, naturopathy, chiropractic, human or animal natural immune systems? Nope. Don’t fit either the business model nor the globalist grand plans.

Their hypocritic oath (yeah, no accident) says “First do no harm”. That is exactly why I misspell it. They have drug reactions, interactions, “side effects” and interventions to patch their previous interventions down pat. You would be hard-pressed to find A SINGLE ONE who knew the power of fasting.

I had a lymph node swelling up way too much along with other issues, which in turn inspired my fast last May/June. My 11-day fast ends with fascinating health improvements. I am in about the same situation now. I COULD go to “the clinic” whereupon they would look at one or two of my symptoms, prescribe antibiotics or worse to kill my immune system and hopefully mortally wound whatever bad agents were attacking me. Instead, I ask my body “What can I do to help?”

There is a major battle going on inside me at the sub-cellular level. I am pretty good about diet and activities, but waiting for the good guys to slay the invaders has not made the progress I would like to observe. Every tool human bodies have for killing and expelling invaders was being employed, but just barely holding their ground. Eye, ear, nose, throat, skin, perspiration, urine, feces, bronchia, fever they were all combining to slay the invaders and expelling slain enemy corpses and wounded.

There is another place where Rockefeller medicine does exactly the wrong thing in nearly every situation by attacking the symptoms and preventing the body from using its rather powerful tool set. Stop the runny nose. Stop the cough. Suppress any fevers. Give the bad agents the upper hand. It is akin to sending war materials for propping up the criminal CIA-puppet government in Ukraine rather than letting the forces against high-level international money laundering, bioweapon manufacturing, and human trafficking kill that den of vipers and thieves. Well, maybe not a direct relative, but I did slide a teaser for future posts in there, didn’t I?

So I did none of those immune suppression strategies. I rode with the strong fever my immune system prescribed for my bronchitis. I piled on a third and fourth blanket, wore long-johns to bed, turned the electric blanket ON, and cooked those bad guys out in less than one overnight epic internal battle between good and evil. The good guys were built to handle the heat, the invaders were not. I sweated them out.

Suppress the cough? Stop the sinus drainage? Why would I want to keep the bad stuff in me?

So I am getting by, getting along, keeping up with castle ground management, handling a few chores and projects, but not quite up to snuff. No decisive victory against whatever is keeping me slightly off.

After that night of fever and shortness of breath, I knew I had to call in the cavalry. I am writing this here, in part to remind myself why the hunger is not being fed today, tomorrow or any day soon. Here, stomach, have some water. You want more? Sound revile in the fat cell barracks where the super troopers have been lounging around waiting for useful employment.

Ketosis, that state in a fast where the body quits looking for easy calories and converts to running on fat typically happens around the third or fourth day of a fast. There are already signs that, perhaps because of our low-carbohydrate diet or that we only eat two meals a day (intermittent fasting), ketosis might already be kicking in.

I hope so. Go get ’em troops. Nuke the sumbitches.

Now for that other matter … Nah. Not now.


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