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Fasting Day 10 … The End

This evening my 10 day fast ends.

I have decided to cease this depredation. Eye, ear, nose and throat have returned to reasonable normalcy. Left lymph node shrunk to normal, right side is close. My skin has largely cleared up with little of the excessive dryness and flaking I had two weeks ago. My chest congestion has gone from severe bronchitis to tiny bits of flem expelling what it can of the nastiness in our air.

Sure, I would likely see more healthy progress were I to continue, but I am just tired of it. I want to enjoy meals, an occasional beer or two, and a return to the social aspects of eating regular meals like, and mostly with the people around me.

Fat loss is the motivation most project on why someone would do this. Fasting definitely consumes body fat, at least after we enter Ketosis – normally on Day 3 or 4, but I may have started that earlier this time. It is an amazing biological system that deserves individual study by anyone who happens to occupy a human body. You could certainly start HERE.

While our digestive system switches over from regular caloric intake to none, we lose some meat that will return when meals resume. After the switch, fat cells provide all the necessary fuel along with surprising healing agents.

In ten days I have significantly improved my health. I also slightly, but noticeably have shrunken my mid-drift and, according to our digital scale, dropped from 175 to 162 pounds, some of which will return soon.

Studying fasting has taught me about this tool that, more often than not, beats your local, government-licensed drug pushers in many ways.

Economically I replaced both a hundred dollar clinic visit AND a hundred dollar pharmacy visit with not buying groceries for ten days. Want a quick $300. Here is one way.

Physically, health wise, I skipped out on unnatural pharmaceuticals with their series of side effects incurring further doctor visits and prescription cycles. My substitution has two side effects I can think of. For one, the body trains itself to live on my stored fat – that could be handy someday.

Two, I trimmed down a bit, making my clothes fit easier and reducing the load on my old suspension system – hips, knees, ankles and feet. I have no great love for the spare tire around my middle look, and don’t mind it shrinking.

We have agreed to a hearty chicken-vegetable soup as my break-fast this evening. While I am not a believer in the super-gradual fast breaking prescriptions promoted by many devotees, a compromise like this sounds sensible.

To my way of thinking, when the caveman ran out of food, went hunting, searching for days and finally came upon a source, he didn’t care what it was,
he ATE.
His body (and ours) handled the changeover seamlessly.

Tonight I complete a 10-day fast. Tomorrow I become as normal as I can be – which, obviously, is not average, but also not incompatible with the civilization around me.


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