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Fast Buck Freddy

I have long wanted to post about my enlightened rediscovery of the Jefferson Starship song Fast Buck Freddie. Dang, there I was enjoying the tunes and musicianship of musical titans while they were railing against enemies I had yet to recognize. This isn’t the only song they put out that contained political messages well ahead of the time, way out in front of even the 1%-ers.

Listen again and think: Federal Reserve, Bilderberg, Central Banks.

Fast Buck Freddie

This music is still GREAT!

They introduced me to jazz fiddle and Papa John Creech.

There is some wonderful bass driving along underneath it all and popping up to the top from time to time.

Harmony. Melody. Rhythm. Balance.
Do modern bands even know what those are?

Amazing. They can sing about the deviants taking over the world and get me upbeat, moving and cheerful while I receive the message.

Skewz me, I gotta go play some Papa John Creech, Jefferson Airplane/Starship, a bit on my bass and a few licks on my trombone.