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new paint west sideOn my list of Wanna Do Before Winter Sets In was a bit of trim painting.

“Where’s the front door?” has been a rather consistent puzzle for first-time visitors. Almost universally, we find them walking by our “front window” view of the river looking for the entrance to our house. I understand their dilemma and have figured a little dress-up of the entrance would help resolve it.

Hard telling how many days warm enough for painting were left in this year, my painting project finally got its turn in the last week. With a $9 quart of white metal paint, masking tape and a brush I went to work.

new paint east sideI was also bothered by the bare wood of our replacement shanty roof just rotting away in the weather … looking extra tacky to boot. Bob Trowbridge’s leftover paint was ready and waiting to cover bare wood with the same green as the house trim.

Missy was inspired to empty and remove our hodge-podge planter collection. We agreed that the three remaining were just right… a little dressing without the clutter.

I was pretty-well spent by the time I got the west wood covered, so was less than enthusiastic when she asked, “You are going to paint the bare wood along the south wall, aren’t you?” She spelled me while I sat down for 15 minutes and re-hydrated before doing exactly that.

That done, Missy then says, “Gee, it would sure be a shame to be this close and not finish the east wall trim.”

“Have At It.” I truly was DONE.

So she did.

As she finished the rafter, I admired it and said, “It sure would look good if that window trim was done too, don’t ya think?”

(Payback) 🙂

She did it!

We are both very pleased.