Ted’s essays

Enjoy the fall

Readers here know I was counting down the days to the election fiasco that I figured as TSHTF kickoff. I do not believe the trajectory has changed at all, or the timing changed by much. As philosophers and poets often admonish I am now treating every [somewhat normal] day as a gift.

I am resigned to many things and prepared to fight for others. The Serenity Prayer is prominently displayed on my studio wall as these times call for a constant reminder.
SERENITY to accept what I cannot change
COURAGE to change what I can
WISDOM to know the difference

I still see the election theater objective as building unquestioning loyal following for Messiah Trump and violent opposition that he can heroically quell. The globalists are closing in on the very publicly declared objectives of United Nations Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030 as etched in The Georgia Guidestones. Widespread disarmament, plague, vaccine acceptance, economic collapse, infrastructure breakdown, starvation and more are probably coming our way soon.

Considering that INTERESTING FUTURE brings important focus to my present.

What is the down side of preparing for disasters that have not yet arrived?

I am missing out on some pleasant, relaxing fiddling. That assumes I do not enjoy building, creating and producing while materials, supplies, energy and other resources are cheap and accessible. However, I do like exercising my mind, body and materials to make stuff. I also find great comfort in improved inventory and capabilities that could prove helpful in turbulent times.

Those who don’t do analysis and for whom the future is a far-off land looking exactly like the present are somehow comfortable living for the moment. While they watch me wasting my time I see them squandering theirs.

Time will tell which was the wiser path, but I could not relax on the one they prefer.