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endorsement for Ted Dunlap

I met and spent some time with Delaware Sheriff Jeff Christopher at Canyon County sheriff candidate Ed Hendershot’s event in Caldwell. Jeff is a warm, caring, courageous and knowledgeable man anyone would be proud to know. I sure am. His endorsement of me and my sheriff campaign follows.

jeff-christopherIt is with great honor and privilege that I endorse Ted Dunlap for your Ada County Idaho Sheriff.

Why does a Delaware Sheriff concern himself with who is Sheriff in Idaho?, simply this, Whether you know it or not there is an attack upon the office of Sheriff here in America and the powers to be want it gone.

That office is the one thing that stands between your constitutional rights, guaranteed by the Constitution and the domestic threats to those rights. The one document that gives, “we the people” both charge and power over any overreaching government and those governments are invading our private lives more and more as time goes on.

What does a Sheriff have to do with it? Think of this. What ELECTED (people’s will) law enforcement power in America answers directly to the people? Only three-The President, of the United States,The Governor and the Sheriff.

Which one is the closest to the will of the people? The Sheriff. The Attorney General is NOT a part of the Executive branch, he has jurisdiction only in matters Judicial (of the court), whereas the Sheriff has full power to restrict and eject federal, state and local officials from invading your life. (Printz vs US 1998- US supreme court)-Justice Scalia, see also “Vitae Republicae” at Amicus-Curious.com) Carson Tucker esquire, (MI-Law practice on matters of the powers of Sheriffs) and Anderson on Sheriffs-edition 1 and 2. Please google “Sheriff Brad Rogers”of Elkhart Indiana read the story of the Amish farmer there.

This is the law folks!, knowledge is power, power to you the people. Know your Sheriff and his power to protect you.

Ted Dunlap has the courage to stand and proclaim his willingness to accept these constitutional responsibilities, I am proud to encourage your support for my friend Ted in the upcoming election.

He has proclaimed and will stand for your Constitutional liberties and protections as the Sheriff of Ada County Idaho should.

God Bless you all.

Jeff Christopher
Consitutional Sheriff of
Sussex County Delaware

P.S. As you can well imagine, the connected-power of Delaware feels threatened by the Constitution and anyone who can and will enforce it. Thus, the Biden family and friends have declared war on the one out of Delaware’s three sheriffs who are standing up to them. Jeff Christopher is an absolutely courageous fighter to preserve the life, liberty and property of the people. This is a heavily contested fight with money and political connections VS the law and the people. – Ted