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emergency radio cards

BEARS emergency cardsAssuming that phones and Internet will work unfailingly forever is extraordinarily popular. This is despite the fact everyone knows they don’t, can’t and won’t.

Worse, they will fail when everyone most wants information on what is going on and wants to share information on their needs and situations.

I recognize this better than most. While to me the need for a radio-based communication network seems obvious, it obviously isn’t.

Planning and preparing for the uninterested is challenging, but I’m up to the challenge.

BEARS emergency cards p2Here you have the best tool I’ve heard of. I made up this graphic intended to be printed two-sided on cardstock, cut into fourths and shared with people who might store it near or with their radio.

When the lights go out and the lightbulb in their head finally comes on, they realize they want to know what is happening to others and how we all can work together.

Pull out your radio, replace the dead batteries with some out of your other electronic devices, then use the frequencies, channels and protocols on the card to become part of an emergency radio network.

Please print these out from the pictures to the right or the .pdf below. Share them as widely as you can.

Radios are useless by themselves. The more on the air together, the higher the value of each.

BEARS emergency cards