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emergency medical inventory

I retired nurse friend of mine shared her list with a group of us. I, in turn, am sharing it with you.

Field Hospital Inventory (* denotes essentials)

Trauma bag
Personal protection gear – each in separate zip lock bags
vinyl and nitril gloves – your size and some large size if different (*)
surgical masks (*)
plastic (food service type) apron
eye protection
Cleaning supplies
sm. bottle of surgical (green) soap or plain dish soap
fingernail brush
hand towels
Normal saline – burn and wound cleanser (*)
baking soda – acid burns
sm bottle vinegar – alkaline burns
plain salt – to make more normal saline
gauze sponges
60 cc syringe – or cheap condiment squeeze bottle
small pack of baby wipes (*)
small bottle of 90% ethyl alcohol, and one of peroxide
med bottle of sterile artificial tears (*)
clotting sponges (*)
4×4 gauze
rolled gauze
ABD pads or various size Kotex (*)
ACE bandage (*)
surgical tape
triangle cloth bandage for securing large dressings or for slings
ice cream sticks – finger splints
various size bandaids – incl. butterfly closures, sm and large
Sterile eye dressings and protector (*)
packaged sterile field
Bandage scissors (*)
penlight (*)
sm magnifying glass
EMT type tweezers
Surgical gloves if available
Forceps, straight and curved
surgical scissors
needle holders
suture material, sterile single use packs
insulin and/or 1cc syringes and needles – if you can get lidocaine
sterile O2 and some larger plastic tubing – many uses, especially chest wounds
tourniquet – small, med. and large (beware of those made only to facilitate a blood draw.!) (*)
various size safety pins

Misc. supplies

Betadine solution – povidone-iodine. – surgical prep
single use vials of lidocaine
booklet showing surgical knots
bottled drinking water, electrolyte solution concentrate (*)
protein/energy bars

Main hospital bag

space blankets
wool and/or light cotton blanket -depending on conditions (*)
towels and washcloths (*)
muslin sheets – flat
sweat suit or other clothing, depending on situation (*)
warm socks (*)
sm packs face tissues
fire starting supplies (*)
duplicate of trauma bag with extras (*)
stainless steel basin, cup and spoons
bag of clean rags
gloves, eye protection (*)
camp shovel
Extra medical and dressing supplies
Common first aid supplies (*)
paraffin wax – remove splinters and cactus spines
Vaseline – lubricant, other
cough/congestion syrup
lip balm extras
tooth ache remedy
snake bite kit ? (need new info on latest medical procedure for this)

Nice to have:

tent/dining fly
foam pads
potable water supply
stove/cooking supplies and utensils
space heat source
lots of helpers