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elite control of society has fractured

edifice-crumblingThe Daily Bell published an article excerpted below that is at once both hopeful to those of us watching the show from the skeptics’ bleachers, and freaky to those seeing a picture bigger than they previously saw.

The article itself has a lot of truth and insight within. It is very much worth the read. Far more significant, however, are the comments that follow. There, too, in deference to their explicit sharing license, I will excerpt some of the comments but not all. They really want you to go read the whole thing at their website. In my opinion, that is not too much to ask.

This article’s contention that they are losing it echoes the opinions of many I respect and associate with who see from different perspectives, and who have said similar things in different ways. Essentially, every plan survives until initial contact with the enemy… including one as huge and complex as that the elites are executing as we speak.

Paul, Trump and Sanders

Show that Elite Control of Society Has Fractured


Voters have simply decided that mainstream politics is ineffective and destructive.

This is why Bernie Sanders did so well as an “outsider” along with Paul and Trump. It is a trend that’s not going away. It’s getting stronger, if anything.

Now just because we recognize a trend doesn’t mean either party is going to fall in line with popular sentiment. The rhetoric may shift a little but taxes, regulations and government intrusions into daily life will continue and expand. This is in true not just for the US but for the West generally.

But the Internet itself has verbalized what’s actually wrong with leadership positions and this process will continue even if the Internet itself is censored. It’s already too late. Europe, for instance, is trying to cast off the EU just as America is trying to cast off the dead weight of its two party system. The same thing sooner or later will happen in Asia.

The United States was formed in part because Europe had had enough of war and, post Gutenberg Press, people were increasingly resistant to control. But now history is repeating itself. People in the US, like Europe are increasingly resistant to war and overt government manipulation that reduces rather than enhances their prosperity.


The article is several times that big, but they clearly do not want me reposting the whole thing here.

I highly recommend reading the full essay there… AND the comments, which are every bit, perhaps quite a bit more insightful. I give you a few of them below.

Let me amend that to say, in particular, read the comments, but you need to have read the article for what it does get right and to put the comments into context.

I grant this all is more reading than a bumper sticker or quick quip, but it is good stuff.


alohajim • 10 hours ago

First time ever being dissapointed in a DB article. Meaning, US (world) politics is a dog and pony show, most always has been, and is not worthy of time or discussion. Sanders and Trump are the antithesis of Ron Paul. Ron Paul consistently delivered the same message during his tenure as congressman as well as during his presidential campaigns : End the Fed, restore honest money, bring all troops home, close all foreign basis, end all of the fake ‘wars’ and drastically shrink government. It’s an insult to Ron Paul and not correct to insinuate that Sanders and Trump support anything close to these crucial ideas.

The idea that Trump is somehow against TPTB and will save us from anything at all is pathetic. Look at who he’s chosen to be part of his ‘administration’, that Rudy guy and the VP, what’s his name. What do these two represent? Very sad to see so many people so thoroughly fooled. Again! Trump against Central Banking? Wha? I want what you are smoking! Central banking and fiat currencies are directly responsible for Trumps obscene wealth! Trump is in bed with our banker overlords, obviously always has been, and is clearly playing a role and appears to be enjoying the show himself.

The idea that any kind of reform will come from politicians or the state is most misguided. Both are 100% under control of the TPTB along with academia, the media, what they call ‘science’, and the entertainment industry & mega corporations. Don’t wait for the most crooked and psychopathic element of our societies to save you (politicians). Simply opt out. No TV, no radio, no MSM, no GMO’s, no corporate products. Be self employed, do not store any wealth in banker paper or digital instruments, be self sufficient in food, power, and water. Help others and form a bond with your community. Vote with your wallet every day. It’s called boycott. Not voting is the most powerful vote you can ever make. The system is a complete fraud, set up for you to be a dependent, dumbed down, distracted, and divided serf with no morals, common sense, or ability to think. Please don’t legitimize it by voting!

georgesilver • 10 hours ago

You could be right but I have a sneaking suspicion that there at least two narratives going on. The one you see at the moment is “Good against Evil” or Donald against Hillary. It looks very much like a scripted farce with The Donald playing Don Quixote tilting against manufactured windmills of evil power. Putin also seems to have been cast as Don Quixote as well. The Donald and Vladimir are part of the chess game being played out by the “controllers” (Gods on Mt. Olympus) for the benefit of the peasants’ entertainment and distraction.

TimeToWakeUPAmerica • 12 hours ago

“Paul, Trump and Sanders Show Elite Control of Society Has Fractured”?

In terms of the “elite” total control of the narrative, maybe. The “Fed” is still in operation, as is the IRS. And how many other 3-letter, alphabet-soup agencies, which didn’t exist prior to 1913? (Too many to list here!)

Um. I think “elite” (“Jew”-ish) control of society is still the matrix that has us all locked-into low wages, ever-increasing debt, and overt (and covert) taxation, and MSM propaganda.

Bankers Destroy Global Economy by Design to Consolidate [THEIR OWN] Power

The W.I.C.B. use the Hegelian Dialectic, or “Problem-Reaction-Solution”: 1) Create the Problem (i.e., global fiat-based “money” system inherently designed to eventually implode), 2) Wait for the INEVITABLE implosion, and the consequent public reaction/outcry to that global implosion/economic collapse, 3) Stand ready to offer up a preplanned “solution” with the main object of gaining even greater control over every nation, man, woman and child on the entire planet (with one further “elite”-stated goal: Global depopulation, or “culling” of the herd (of “cattle” or “goyim”). All toward one further “elite” “Jew”-ish stated goal: THE “JEW” WORLD ORDER.

Henry TimeToWakeUPAmerica • 5 hours ago

Your hateful attitude is controlling your logic. Jesus helped to reformulate Jewish concepts. The Catholic church and Western elites took over from there to subdue Israel. Today Muslim money is joining in to create the illusion that the Jews are the problem, at the same time that they threaten the very existance of Israel.
If you ignore the teachings of the Jewish messiah, who taught us what love, is, you will only continue on your path of personal destruction while you spread hate and misinformation that weakens the substance of this blessed country.
Perhaps if you read the Bible to see what Jesus actually taught, you will understand what religion (Catholic church) has done to this world, and that the Jews can never be the problem. You must understand history to understand the economy and not the other way around.

TimeToWakeUPAmerica TimeToWakeUPAmerica • 12 hours ago

W.I.C.B. = Western International Central Bankers.

To comprehend how we are living in a DIRECTED HISTORY MATRIX, just know that Hillary Clinton is a GOLDMAN-SACHS, ROTHSCHILD-PUPPET.


2) [German] Historian Says Rothschilds are Chasid [“Jew”-ish] Puppets

Americans, So Easily Controlled!

rahrog • 12 hours ago

Hillary Clinton is a mass murdering war criminal. Just like Obama & Bush are mass murdering war criminals. The fact that these scum, their toadies, and their bosses still walk around freely says a lot about America.