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elephant sneaking up on us

It can be frustrating, trying to get people to prepare for civil unrest and disasters that leave our neighborhoods vulnerable to the lawless of one stripe or another.

Why is it so unpopular to plan futher ahead than what’s for lunch today?

elephant-and-car-02The threats are so ominous and obvious to me, yet for the vast majority, an elephant is sneaking up on them.

They will soon be surprised and shocked.

Where did that come from???

Nobody could have seen that coming!!!

Well, not true at all Kemosabe.

The plotters, schemers and tyrants did everything but put it on your big screen TV. Heck, they even did that, but told you it was Spumoni ice cream and you believed their words instead of their actions and the horrible results of their activities.

We have to keep chipping away at ignorance and deception. I believe that is the task we have; our lot in life. Those of us who have the acuity of sight to see the elephant five feet from our faces must continue to point it out and hope enough warriors are awake in time to defend the tribe before we are all crushed under foot.

So we have to keep doing what we can. We keep thinking we are doing it wrong. If only I said the right thing the right way, everyone would suddenly say, “Holey Crap! There’s an Elephant!!!” And we would promptly save ourselves, our families and our communities.

But we can’t own it. It is wrong to blame ourselves. It is wrong to carry frustration along with the burden of exceptional vision. One of those is enough.

So I tell myself.

I wish I could get my inner soul to accept it.

But that, too, is in the design of the creature I am. Just as much as being built to be deaf, dumb and blind to danger, I am stuck with who I am as much as they are with how they are wired.