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Eating food is a tough habit to break

Today marks the 20th day of my 2024 January fast. I still have not eaten anything this year – and may not resume anytime soon.

Last night I was reading my fasting journals from 2020 (9 days), 2021 (10 days) and 2022 (11 days). My physical reactions are similar each time I put my body into super-self-healing mode. Several of nature’s regeneration tools join fasting’s hyper production of Human Growth Hormone and Autophagy system to search-and-destroy invaders trying to compromise my health, while rebuilding healthy cells from toenails to hair, piece-by-piece.

I still get tired early and have a slightly elevated temperature in the evenings. The body says “bundle up and rest”. So I bundle up and rest. Some directives even I am willing to follow. I am still expelling dead enemy combatants via coughing up phlegm. My lymph node swelling is down a bit, but not gone. My tear and sinus weeping seem to be gone.

In August of ’22 I figured it would take a 20 day fast to complete a cure. It took a bit for me to psych-up for that, but here I am at Day 20 and know I must go a bit further to complete the kill of whatever enemy my lymph nodes are trying to fight off.

I really looked forward to eating

I have to commend those guys for holding the line at Thermopylae for a year-and-a-half or more, but really ought to help them finish this off so they can go back to normal. All it takes is self-control. Easy-peasy, eh?

I tell myself that the second ten days without food is easier, but between my normal evening eating times of 4 and 7, I seem to be weakening… I keep thinking that it just seems harder, but fershur it is not getting any easier.

This sort of faith in fasting as a superpower and ability to resist the sensation of hunger is not average in our culture… but not unusual for our hunter-gatherer bodies. I hang onto that thought … tenaciously … regardless of modern naysayers in my life.

“Eat, Ted. Go home and EAT.” Ah, were it only that simple …

I sure as heck do not want to go through a repetition of the first four days just to reach the place my healing system is in today. Each day I delay resumption of consumption is 100% healing mode. No time or spirit wasted just getting there.

… and that little fat loss thingy that so many fret about … well, the reserve around my middle has visibly shrunken. I kind-of like it like that. It helps, but not decisively.