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Easter Egg Chicken Ranch returns from the ashes

Easter Egg Chicken Ranch back in business 900 rotatedIt has been a long time since we had chickens. I always liked having not just a variety of birds, but of egg colors in our daily harvests.

Not in a position to have a chicken coop and yard, we found ourselves with a fortunate selection of friends that included one couple nearby with an under-utilized chicken coop.

Best of all, they were open to us adding to their flock and sharing in the feed purchases.

A match made in heaven.

Except the chickens all got together and formed a union that determined our egg ration to be one a day.

Not looking like such a good investment after all.

Then Bud captured the long-ago escaped rooster and returned him to the coop with the girls.

Strike Buster.

For two days in a row now they have produced 6 eggs per day.

The Easter Egg Chicken Ranch rises from the ashes of forsaken hopes to deliver us dozens and dozens of beautiful, fresh eggs.