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dropping out

I sent this to family who are not operating on the same page as I am. I think you will understand as you read on.

I had difficulty sleeping last night after our family ZOOM meeting. I love you guys too much to watch the show dispassionately.

Masks, social distancing, and the next parts of the show are destroying your beautiful lives, families and communities for no good reason. Normal is not in our future. Worse is coming.

I wish more people were psychologically, physically and spiritually prepared for the new world order. Family and community will be crucial. COVID, masks, lockdowns and “social distancing” are a deliberately implemented psychological operation to make that as difficult as possible. Knowledge and preparation will be a major help as we go through the next year.

You have chosen to believe deceivers. I can no longer watch what they are doing to you and where they are taking you.

Every smile, touch, laugh and hug they separate you from is based on lies – deliberate, destructive lies.

Resistance begins with knowledge.

I am not a casual observer of economics, politics and sociology, but rather a serious student, teacher, writer and activist. My comprehension and views are widely shared among others world-wide who study outside of mainstream media and government school systems. Many whistle-blowers have died to get the information out while many more know full well what they risk, but refuse to sacrifice their eternal spirits by remaining silent.

I was born in Sonoma County, California. Other than ’68-’72 in the USAF, I grew where I was planted. In the late 1990s I realized that California culture was not a good fit for me. I left a 50-year collection of friends, family, memories and connections for a strange new place.

I landed in Nampa, Idaho March of 2000. There I tracked down the Libertarian Party of Idaho, found a cultural fit, many great friends and began a consistent, fresh study of economics, politics and sociology. Missy and I met, hosted and learned from some amazing local and national figures. As state Party Chairman I traveled coast-to-coast meeting with fellow travelers and serious, experienced experts.

Rather than let the Libertarian Party gadfly, political chameleon, and glib microphone junkie mis-represent us, I ran for Governor of Idaho in 2006. By the time of the televised state-wide debates in October of that year I had learned enough to improvise a coherent hour-long debate with the Democrat candidate and moderators: https://www.teddunlap.net/governor-race-2006/ I also somehow attracted 14,550 votes for the office of governor.

In 2007 I took a webmaster class and began my publishing career with IdahoLiberty.com. I later added TedDunlap.net primarily to educate, but also to give those who chose to research political candidates a place to find out more about me and what I represented. With our move to Montana’s Bitterroot, I began publishing the BitterrootBugle.com.

Most articles require significant research, thoughtful writing and supporting links to be credible. Doing all that is an education in itself.

The only elected position other than governor where a lone Libertarian cannot be ignored, marginalized and kicked aside is that of county sheriff. I ran a credible campaign for Ada County Sheriff in 2012. Though again unfunded and unsupported I won 41,014 votes (26%) with zero law-enforcement experience against a 20-year incumbent who had never come that close to losing.

An interview during that campaign explains my reasons for running and what I would do as sheriff. https://www.teddunlap.net/ted-dunlap-for-sheriff-u-tube-video/.

I share all of that to say I am neither deceived nor deluded about what is going on in our world. I am devoted to learning and sharing what I know. My websites have been around for many years and likely helped quite a few people, perhaps thousands, better understand their world. New this year is my video channel, Bitterroot Bugler. https://www.brighteon.com/channels/bitterrootbugler

In its six month existence it has drawn 10,450 views of videos I shared. I see clearly that I am helping to educate far more there than with my blogs. I continue to do both. Nearly all of the videos I re-publish are captures from YouTube before the censors remove them for running against the official narrative. I download and republish in the name of knowledge and free speech.

Go watch some courageous experts who quite knowingly risk their lives to warn us.

I have created groupings of those videos to facilitate research: https://www.brighteon.com/dashboard/playlists