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Dr. Zee heading for height reduction surgery

I like the bike in many ways, but its extraordinarily tall 37″ seat height makes it too awkward for me to enjoy, or even ride safely. We will take parts from another model of the Suzuki DRZ400 that is lower, and some other changes competent motorcycle mechanics can make to drop it down a bit more.

So that is where it is today, in The Motorcycle Garage for installation of the DRZ400SM parts and other height adjustment modifications.

What we have here are the “before” pictures I took on my way to the surgeon.

Old Darby Road was photogenic Friday, not to mention a pleasant ride.

Doctor Zee is a nice bike once I have it rolling.

Moving down the road is pleasant and easy. It is lightweight, agile and maneuverable once the front and rear gyroscopes are spinning.

Stops make me nervous, while mounts and dismounts are downright uncomfortable for creaky-jointed older gentlemen.

Having no intentions of utilizing the DRZ400S jumping, landing and boonie-crashing capabilities, I am happily trading those away for attributes I will prefer.

I am optimistically hoping I can exceed the 70mpg I measured in its stock form – once my specified configuration changes are in place. Even at $10 per gallon, putting around on the new DRZ would be a pleasure.