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Dr Zee comes online

The weather has been in and out of season for me until recently, but gardens, shop and yard work grabbed every decent outdoor day that came along.

FINALLY I got my Suzuki DRZ400S in a ready-to-hop-on mode and my head-space corrected. Today I ran an errand to the bigger town 18 miles downstream and Dr Zee got the nod as my preferred transporter.

Of course the route he chose was not the main highway, but the scenic old road way.

It put a smile on my face and in my spirit. I gotta get out more… and think I will now.

I must say that I LOVE the lowering we did to the 400S, turning it into a 400SM that I can confidently stop, maneuver and mount. That is EXACTLY what I needed to LOVE this bike.

I will be adding some luggage capacity to make it better configured as a grocery getter.

My BMW has the longer legs and will be my day tripper as soon as I finish repairing the windshield assembly and find a way to mount my Valentine 1.