Ted’s essays

Don’t try this at home

I spent over 20 years operating a business based on my 40-100 horsepower tractors and every implement I could operate from them. I had many people in positions to know tell me I was particularly good at it. I was. I am a driver. Tractors are tools to be driven. Of course I was good at it.

But that was another life. I am several times removed from that. Or am I?

The apron to my new shop annex was awaiting the season to hire a truck and tractor operator for the finish grade that couldn’t be completed before last winter set in. Today I was sauntering to and fro from my shop for a woodworking project and realized the gravel was perfect for the working… exactly the right moisture content, unfrozen, and that I had a tool that just might be able to work it… oh, and an operator who just might be capable.

This little light-gauge snow-plow Polaris Sportsman earned its keep and more today.

The professional grader who brought in the gravel and graded it all out last fall left us with a tiny ridge that prevented proper drainage last winter. The Sportsman and I moved that ridge to the concrete shop apron that needed to be blended in.

My retired professional eye tells me it is now . . . PERFECT.

Pretty dang cool.