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Advice to a friend whose aging Akita has been supplemented with a Rotweiller cross pup.

Pro bono, community service, I’m working my specialty for free 😉

You have what could turn into an awesome wing-man dog. The Rotwieller side is ready to manifest in the right hands, the right home.

HOWEVER, you and your Akita have turned you into a BARN-CAT type of dog lover. Yeah. Hi. Where’s the food. THX. TTFN.

What you have is a dog who will fit great with an affectionate, but courageous leader. If his Man is fearless, this dog as an adult will go willingly, eagerly into any battle that comes their way… that is, as a team … for his man.

But this loyalty demands an emotional commitment … in both directions. You give affection, he will give up his life for you.

That is not an Akita, or anything like one.

If you aren’t ready to spoil him a bit, and bond with him a lot, that puppy is wasted on you. Get your barn cat. Find that dog someone who wants their back covered with faithful fearlessness 24/7, but who is willing to do their part in the relationship.