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Do-It-Yourself knee replacement

In the latter part of 2005 I tore the meniscus in a severely abused knee. The surgeon who went in trimming away the pieces causing the main disabling pain assured me my meniscus was so thin I would be back within a year for the full artificial knee replacement.

At that time I had heard of people who had wonderful results from that process as well as about an equal number who were crippled by it. Fifty-fifty was not inspirational to me. I still had my natural mobility though it was a bit too tender for extended use.

Up and down stuff was rough. Major hiking, lots of ladder work and most athletics were out. I still preferred that to the fifty-fifty option.

Rather surprisingly, my 73-year-old knees are sturdier and less troublesome than the 60-year old ones were.

The thirteen years in between then and now saw me experimenting with dietary supplements with the current set including four that seem to give me the best results as measured by the miles my knees can go without complaining.

YMMV – your mileage may vary, but I will share with you what works best for me. If your suspension system is bothersome, consider trying a month or so of these to see if they help you.

Youngevity Gluco-Gel is available from this link to many sources. None of them intcentivize me to list this, but you COULD click the ANYTHING HELPS button if these prove to help you.

OceanPure™ Antarctic Krill Oil. Youngevity is the only supplier for this and the CUR-Q10 that work noticeably better for me than other brands … and over the years I have tested A LOT of them on my body. The link above gets you $20 off your first order and me $20 off my next order.

CUR-Q10® ULTRA Complex is another Youngevity product that my body has proven to prefer. The link has that same $20 / $20 offer built into it.

This next one is a bit too new to me to be certain that this brand is better than others. I think my knees are better now than a few weeks ago since I added this to my regimen. But I will only rank it as a “probably better”.

With all the others I have turned them on, off and tried substitutions. In every case I found their use, brand and function significant to my pain-free mobility.

Swanson Ultra- Type I Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen. The link has no incentive to me, but I bet you can get a discount for signing in with your e-mail address.

I caution that Swanson and Stop-Aging-Now will send you regular e-mail and snail-mail discount offers. They do not appear to share my address with others.