Ted’s essays

disgusted with success

Their successes are impressive.
Ugly, but admirable in thoroughness.
They learn from each failure,
developing new mechanisms
to expand their cancerous growth.

I am taking a break from my normal style, and that of mainstream Internet news publishing. I am not going to take the time to research and install links to supporting documentation. If you don’t remember or know something I write about here, go looking. It is all out there, most in articles at this website.

The Rothschild family with their subordinate Bilderberg Group inner circle have been building the world we live in for centuries. Most of the plays they make to move the sheep around are rather simple; easily understood.

False flags like the Aurora theater shooting and pure theater like Sandy Hook elementary school were obviously designed to stampede the herd for elimination of privately owned weapons.

Contrived events like sinking the Lusitania, forcing the Japanese to open World War II, the Gulf of Tonkin lie, and the 9/11 false flag events clearly provide excuses for war.

Peaceful commerce with all is not good for centralized big business, nor does it keep the flock rounded up, fearful and easy to control. War is power. Constant war is continual growth of power.

Even the “Spanish-American War” and its extension, the Banana Wars, did not change availability or pricing of tropical fruit in this country, they merely installed insiders at the top of their profit chain. Teddy Roosevelt and the rough riders charging up San Juan Hill improved very few lives in either North America or Cuba. That is not what these wars are for.

The uncontrollable leaking of The Pentagon Papers taught the Bilderberg Group that a diverse, widely-distributed media is difficult, if not impossible to control.

Occasionally ugly truths squirt out from under the blanket, like the team of CIA, IRS and FBI agents working physically inside the Clinton White House to attack domestic enemies of the ruling elite. This news story lasted a few days before THE SIX CEOs put a lid on it, and morphed the story into the US Air Force bombing Kosovo for no apparent reason, then the Lewinsky sex scandal.

Without consolidated media control, who knows where this story would have gone? The chief of The Domestic Enemies Project was Hillary Clinton.

Sandy Hook was a drill in an abandoned school. Consolidated media and politicians owned by the Rothschilds turned it into an event that was real to most [north] Americans. An unfettered media would have gone nowhere with it.

In the age of the Internet, how do you get the masses to accept your propaganda? I’m glad you asked.

The War of Northern Aggression was a very near thing. Rothschild central government nearly lost it. Lincoln had to jail an entire state legislature, bomb New York City, imprison numerous newspaper editors/publishers and fire several generals whose moralities got in the way. They still almost lost.

Clearly a thinking populace was a threat that had to be better managed. Creating the federal Department of Education in 1867 was not because people were illiterate or lacking knowledge of their world in any way. The need was to substitute training for thinking, conforming for exploration and obedience to authority for independence … in a coordinated fashion.

Even ‘the hard sciences’ have been turned to mush. Analytical minds used to retreat to math and physical sciences. That does not fit the world of Whatever and As You Say, Sir.

What brought all this on, Ted?

I have been festering on this for a while.
I mean really being bugged by it for several weeks.

Dang. The sheep seem so eager to go off the cliff. Is stupid really that attractive? Is thinking truly that rare?

First a confession. I have not figured out their game in regards to the Trump/Clinton battle. Donald is an insider. He is appointing top-level Bilderbergs to his cabinet. He is all about continuing the trajectory of increased central control.

So why so much vote rigging? No, more than that, why in the world did they expose their vote rigging by funding a Jill Stein recount? Why are they threatening and bribing the electoral college? What was SHE willing to do that HE is not? Forcing a war with Russia seems to be the only serious difference I have found. That is certainly no small thing, but there seems to be a major urgency on their part this time.

Your point is?

Alright, it is FAKE NEWS.

It has become a habit with them to conjure up labels that are exactly opposite the truth. They have been caught over, over and over for decades publishing absolute fiction. The liars accusing the truthers of lying. Sure. Of course.

So simplistic and shallow. All of their owned media and politicians popping up with the same exact phrase at the same exact time in history. Typically they don’t even shop too hard for different quotes, spokesmen or phrasing. I’m not going looking, but would bet heavily that is so this time as well.

The Internet killed something important to them. They HAVE TO fix that! Increase staffing of their trolling subcontractors. Flood the world wide web with fake news. Confuse the confusable. Undermine the rest.

It has been about a decade since they tried to kill Internet independence with the horror of kiddie porn. Ironically, many of them have been caught in pedophilia – kiddie porn is obviously something The Bilderberg Group has expertise in. Nevertheless, we didn’t buy it then. They will not give up. Knowledge, thinking, information and weapons in our hands are in their way.

Mainstream media is, and has been losing audience for quite some time… in spite of everything above. All the indoctrination, training, dumbing down, bread and circuses and still far too many minds escape.

They rigged the heck out of the presidential election.
They rigged the polls.
They rigged the electronic voting machines.
They flooded precincts with fake Clinton ballots.
They got more votes in many places than there were voters.
This is not fresh or new.
What is fresh and new is that their comfortable phony victory was OVERWHELMED.

The landslide, not for Trump, but against Hillary shook them up… really shook them up.

But look at their desperation… recounts … fake news … death threats/bribes for electoral college … shipping all of our military overseas …

I dunno.

Do they think it is now or never?

I am disgusted with the sheep.
C’mon folks.
It is obvious
(to me … how can you miss it?)


I get tired sometimes.

I gotta go shovel a foot of fresh snow off my parking lot.