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creek maintenance

I took a break from metaspace and spent the week in meat space.

Among other things, a major shelving project delivered a two car garage instead of a 400-square-foot waist-deep pile of crap that had no good home yet.

Before that was an electrical wiring project to put our irrigation pump on an actual switch instead of plugging and unplugging a heavy-duty 50-foot extension cord. Side effects included a couple of useful outlets.

About a week ago I came outside in the morning to immediately notice an abnormal quiet. Really quiet. Huh? Where is the sound of the creek?

So I walked down to it and WHOA! It was a trickle. Oh crap.

Some telephone calls later, I ended up chatting with a pleasant fellow who worked for the Army Corps of Engineers. They own the water, you see. He reiterated that “senior water right holders” can take as much as they want. “It might be hard to watch, but they could dam the creek and dry it up and there is nothing you can do about it.” As it turns out I have no say in the matter. I’m not senior.

Work with what you can control …

A few days labor, hydraulic engineering and creative sourcing produced a pool in the trickle. On the first day a 1-inch trout found it inviting. Within three days, I have now habitat for several 6-inch trout.

They are very wary. So when I walk up to count noses, admire and observe, they dart away upstream. I have yet to find the time to sit quietly by the pond for thorough observation.

At the very least, the lovely creek sound is back.

dam project 2018 from Ted Dunlap on Vimeo.