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Constitution Day speech

I was one of the invited speakers at today’s Constitution Day Event on the Idaho Capital building steps. There were many great speeches. Almost all of them were heartfelt and strongly backed by long-term actions of the speakers. Here are my notes. I deviated only slightly from them in my presentation.

Designed into our Constitution are many limits to an overwhelming STATE

In the Constitution, the states retain all but strictly limited, delegated tasks

10th Amendment center and State sovereignty champions
are winning some skirmishes here and there

I ran for Idaho governor in 2006 and 2010 with
the retained authority of the several states in mind

Every officer, every official, every agent of the US government swears an oath
To The Constitution
Not to the officials above them, not to the president, but to the Constitution.
If they keep their oaths, the Constitution is the law of the land.
Oath Keepers is working to remind them of that; of their oaths

Predating our Constitution by hundreds of years,
the Shires had a Reiff.
The Reiff protected the interests of the Shire’s Sovereign.
The Shire Reiff came to America.

After the successful revolutionary War,
The Shire Reiff, or Sheriff retained that role,
while the sovereign became The People.

The People directly elect the Sheriff.
He is not an appointee of a higher authority.
The Sheriff reports To the people.
He swears his oath to the constitution
and the people.

There is no higher law officer in any County

Among the most famous of Constitutional Sheriffs is Richard Mack.
When the Clinton/Reno/Brady Bill ordered all sheriffs to register guns
Richard Mack said NO.
He took them to the Supreme Court and won.
The Feds are subordinate to the Sheriff

There are 200 Constitutional Sheriffs in the USA today
The Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer Association
is working to grow that number.
Payette and a few other Idaho counties have Constitutional Sheriffs already

I am on the November 6th ballot to give Ada County
the Liberty and security a Constitutional Sheriff provides.

Robert Muse is on the November 6th Ballot to give Canyon County
the Liberty and security a Constitutional Sheriff provides.

Liberty is ours, if we want it. But we have to make an effort. Freedom is not free.