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Conn 6H … post Brasso

Conn 6H after Orangestrip & Brasso 7x I have been lukewarm about the new old horn I got from The Salvation Army. I warmed up to it a little bit, but the difference between it and the much younger Japanese clone of it that I’ve had for 25 years were subtle.

Then there was the cosmetic issue. The ’58 has had a long, perhaps glorious life and showed her age. Lacquer stained from some big, ugly spill around the bell and many spots, streaks and patches of oxidized brass.

Research led me to attempt stripping the lacquer off and go au natural, which many brass musicians prefer for the sound. If I don’t like it in unpainted brass, it is the first step in putting a new finish on anyway.

Easier said than done. It was more than a little work getting that lacquer, epoxy or whatever those craftsmen put on 55 years ago. But I won.

It is now naked brass.

And looking HOT!

I got excited anxious to play. WOW!

I wish I could show you how it sounds in my head.

Suffice it to say, I LOVE IT.

That young, 41 year old imitation can just climb in the back seat and wait for me to be in the mood for the relatively stark, plain sound.

I’ll be toggling between the bright, sparkle of my new 55 year old Conn 6H and the sweet, full, rich sound of my 5 year old Conn 88 HCL.

And as a happy bonus, all the brass red and green rot is gone, the stain in the lacquer is gone and I really like the look of clean brass.